We provide full technical support for scale-up batch production. No quantity is “small” for us. We want to support our clients to start small on a new concept, adding new products to existing range and scale-up quickly as their product is accepted by consumers. We can offer extremely low MOQ’s or bulk manufacturing, should you prefer to package & label to product.

At Holy Skin Cosmetics, we utilize both “hand-made” and “modern” manufacturing methods, which enables us to fit the best practice for your product. Artisan manufacturing generally encompasses very small quantities in a lab environment and modern methods offer a scale up to higher MOQ’s.

Here are some example products we can manufacture.

Organic & Natural Products

Our speciality is in development & manufacturing of natural, organic, vegan and halal products which can compete and outperform synthetic products. We collaborate closely with ingredient suppliers globally who specialise in natural & organic originated ingredients. Most indie brands like to avoid various ingredients such as sulphates, parabens or plant/animal originated ingredients. Given our chemistry expertise, we can help develop products which not only adhere to various certification guidelines but also outperform their competitor products.

Packaging & Labelling

Our packaging & labelling solutions are customised to your needs. We offer both unitised and bulk packaging. This includes us procuring, filling and packaging the products ready for final shipment to your desired location either retailers like Amazon. We work with various packaging suppliers who offer variety of solutions including biodegradable, recyclable solutions to reduce the environmental impact. In addition, our suppliers are constantly looking for innovations in packaging and we can present various options to suit your product.


Quality is a vital step in all our processes from development to packaging. We adhere to GMP guidelines at our facility and follow strict control mechanisms through steps of manufacturing. It is critical for any brand to have consistency across batches and we ensure that all our batches are identical from formula development to manufacturing.